Term 2 Newsletter (June 2023)

30 June 2023

 Dear Rabie Family

It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year. We are grateful once again that we had a successful term. Term 2 is one of the busiest quarters of the school year, with winter sports, academics and various cultural activities at the heart of their respective seasons.

We would like to thank all the learners who were partaking in these various activities and their teachers/coaches for their hard work and dedication. Thank you to all parents and guardians for your continued support and loyalty.

Staff news

Appointment of new educator

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Ms. Sherney Mouers as our newest staff member. We are delighted to have her join us in the role of Computer Applications Technology educator. We are confident that her skills and expertise will greatly contribute to our collective success.

Yet another Wedding!

On 29 April 2023 Ms. Jocelynn van Reenen became Mrs Classen. On behalf of the entire Rabie family, we want to congratulate her and her new husband on their marriage. We wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

70th Anniversary Celebrations and Upcoming events

We are nearing the pinnacle of our 70th Anniversary celebrations. We plan to celebrate this wonderful milestone with our Rabie friends and family. We have planned festivities, that include the following:

  • Dance for current learners: 08 August (R100 per learner)
  • Gala evening: 11 August (R350pp. Tickets available at school and on webtickets)
  • Sport day vs DF Malherbe: 12 August
  • Steak evening: 12 August (R120pp)
  • Memorial lecture: 14 August
  • Choir Festival: 18 August (R30pp)

Birthday celebrations are truly festive only because of the people who surround us.  We therefore appeal to you, to support these historic moments in our school’s existence with gusto.  Let us create memories which, in another seventy years, our descendants will look back on with fondness and great pride.  Nisi Optimum – Only the Best!

ATKV Rabieratels

It has been a busy term for the Rabieratels. On 21 April, the Rabieratels undertook a project as part of World Environmental Day. The project was initiated by the local Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. The whole school participated in the initiative and cleaned up the area around the school. All staff members were also treated with lovely gifts and treats for their birthdays, Workers Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s day. Many thanks to all ATKV members and teachers who helped with the projects of the first two terms.

Cultural revival

We are extremely proud of our revived school choir who have in such a short time, managed to bring home some silverware! The choir achieved silver awards at both the Hoërskool Koorfees in East London as well as the prestigious ATKV Applous regional competition, which took place in Uitenhage. These are two brilliant achievements for a choir that has only been up and running for a few months and competing against award-winning choirs!

The next event, which is the Andrew Rabie Choir Festival, will take place on the 18th of August 2023, in celebration of the school’s 70th anniversary. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the festival which will play host to several schools and promises to be an evening of top-class performances.

Die Aarbei

After a few years in hibernation, our school newspaper, Die Aarbei, appeared in a new digital form. The first issue of 2023 was distributed early in the second term through our Facebook page as well as on our school website. Our learners coped well with their tasks and wrote fantastic reports, from school life to sports and more. Be on the lookout for the next issue, which will be distributed in term four.

 First aid

The first aid team started the year with equipment sponsored by Mr. Raymond Blignault. This enabled our team to kick off the sports season in the right way. The learners were on the side of the field at every game, ready to assist their injured fellow learners. In term two, after obtaining her level three First Aid Qualification, Lithaa John was appointed as team leader. Our level one and three first aiders are always ready to assist their fellow man and even do community service during which they help members of the public if they find themselves in an accident. We are proud of our first aid team, as well as the zeal of our learners!

Careers Expo

Our annual Careers Expo was held on 18 April 2023. All learners from gr.8 to 12 had the opportunity to explore different career possibilities. We sincerely hope that it inspires and motivates our learners to dream big and work hard towards those dreams.

JCC/ Junior City Council

Our school's JCC had a busy term 2. Projects included a beach clean-up, the growing and planting of shrubs, tin food collection, the collecting of blankets and food for the animal welfare society, bottle caps and bread tags. Anyone in Gr.10, with their own transport, interested in becoming the next junior member of the JCC, can approach Ms. van Deventer's for more information.


Expectations in relation to uniform

We would like all learners to maximise the time they are at school, so it is vital that your child arrives at school on time. School starts at 08.00am. All learners should arrive at school before this time.

Attendance at school is essential. We understand that children are unwell from time to time and that there can be exceptional circumstances for absences. The absentee rate across all grades is however a huge problem that may have a significant effect on your child’s results. Please think carefully about keeping your child out of school for unnecessary and invalid reasons. 

We will continue to reinforce our uniform requirements as part of our core expectations of learners. You are hereby reminded that the wearing of the school blazer and tie is compulsory in terms two and three. No beanies or other multi-coloured clothing pieces are allowed. Your support in ensuring your child’s adherence to our uniform requirements is appreciated. If your child does not arrive at school in the correct uniform, they can expect to be sent home.

Expectations in relation to mobile phones and other electronic devices

Mobile phones and earphones are NOT allowed to be seen or used inside the building at any point during the school day.  This includes in classes and class changeover between periods. Learners are only allowed to use phones at break times if they are outside. 

We would strongly advise that learners do not bring mobile devices and electrical equipment to school as these items are not needed during the school day. We will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings.

Sport and extra-mural activities

We have experienced a very exciting sporting season so far. Some of our teams have delivered some remarkable performances that led to some notable victories. Our learners have also displayed good character and fighting spirit in the games they have not won. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our teams week after week.

Our term 3 sports and extra-curricular programme is as follows:

TERM 3                                                                                18 July – 29 September





Newton Tech



Otto du Plessis



Victoria Park



DF Malherbe





 Term 3 Parent Meetings:

Please take note of the following parent meetings:

Grade 12 – 19 July 2023

Grades 8, 10 and 11 – 20 July 2023

Grade 9 – 24 July 2023

 School Finances

Parents are once again reminded of their statutory obligation with regard to school fees. We hope that parents will view the payment of school fees as an investment in their child’s future.

Please note that fees outstanding for more than 90 days will be handed over for collection in terms of section 40 of the SA School’s Act. Accounts are issued monthly. The account will reflect the amount (still) payable for the entire year. Parents should, however, not wait for accounts to be sent, but continue to make monthly payments in the meantime to avoid accounts in arrears.

I would also like to remind you to visit our school Website and Facebook page for more information about our school activities. Our website is available to view at www.andrewrabie.co.za

Finally, I would like to thank you in anticipation of your support and look forward to a successful second half of the year.

 With warmest regards and thanks,

H. de Vos